Illustra, LLC is the parent company of several Illustra brands created by Sarah & Marc Hathorn. The company originally began as an image consulting business founded by Sarah. As her company grew, it quickly morphed into much more than just image consulting and took on more a executive coaching and leadership development focus.

A few years later Sarah's husband Marc joined the company and they went through another growth period. This time incorporating business coaching and development into offerings. And with Marc's expertise in graphics, branding and web development, the company expanded even more.

Today, Illustra, LLC consists of five separate companies encompassing everything from corporate leadership programs, executive coaching, business coaching & development to graphics/web development and video production.


Illustra description

Illustra Consulting is an Atlanta-based firm serving Fortune 500 companies and individual clients throughout the corporate and entrepreneurial world.

The primary focus of Illustra Consulting is to coach and train the proprietary Predictable Promotion™ System, a proven 10-step process for accelerating careers and earning promotions and salary increases within record time – despite fierce competition or challenging economic conditions.

Illustra Consulting offers a diverse and highly customizable menu of products and services for acquiring value-added skills; a multi-dimensional executive leadership presence; and the poise, confidence, and expert capability required of today’s high potentials and top leaders.

Sarah Hathorn in action

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IBC descriptions

Illustra Business Coaching is an Atlanta-based firm serving small business owners & consultants throughout the entrepreneurial world.

The primary focus of Illustra Business Coaching is to get entrepreneurs measurable results fast, but I have a special empathy and appreciation for personal struggles, psychological challenges, and the importance of authentically leveraging individual passion into marketable professional success.

Illustra Business Coaching is the only global business coaching firm that offers consultation and support from a former Fortune 100 senior level expert in Internet marketing, website development, business branding, and social networking technology. Marc Hathorn brings the full range of assets to the table, and anyone entering the competitive business arena in today’s complex tech-savvy environment understands the critical importance of these computer-based resources and rapidly evolving image and branding tools.

Sarah Hathorn

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The Illustra Institute is the online education arm of Illustra, LLC. Here we provide companies and individuals with leadership training, executive development and education via online access and webinars.

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Illustra Concepts is the graphic design, web development and video production arm of Illustra, LLC. the primary focus of Illustra Concepts is to support all Illustra, LLC companies. But on certain occasions, we will take on outside clients with design work.

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Illustra Press publishes books, e-books, special reports, CD's and DVD's authored by Sarah Hathorn


Check the new release from Sarah Hathorn, Supercharge Your Career Destiny, now available in e-book format. Soon to be released in print! Buy it now!

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